2017 • Pavone Ranch, CA
Designed for "SkyFish: Doors of Perception," this interactive art installation was a series of free-standing doors in an open field, each holding a set of different divination or tarot cards, from which participants could ask questions, explore answers, and reflect.
Guiding Questions:
• How can we see the “nature of things” - instead of their worth as objects?
• How much potential does one already hold to open new doors of perception to art, science, and music?
• What doors lead to empathy for the downtrodden and a subsequent duty to fight for human and civil rights? 
• What doors reveal your relationship to the food you consume - and its origins in other lives? 
• How does one evolve beyond the self?
Installation text
"As we take our walks through the doors of perception, we start to see how often the same story is told over and over again about love, existence, and the yearning for connection. As we walk through the doors of our lives, entering and exiting different chapters, how do we make a practice of putting the different pieces of these stories together from the disparate languages and faces around us?  Walk through the doors around the property to piece together your story as told through a variety of traditional and modern divination cards."
SkyFish was an annual gathering of ~50 people: part festival, part retreat, part forum. We chose each time a theme on metaphysics, spirituality, or science, then explored that theme through music, art, workshops, and discussions. For Doors of Perception, we asked "what it means to truly perceive."

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