Left Turns.
immersive, Thematic events that inspire people to explore new perspectives on The Self and humanity.
Our philosophy:
Everyone has the ability to be creative.
We design experiences and interactions that encourage people to step out of passive roles as consumers of art, into a active roles as participants and creators - whether or not they realize it.
Our themes get people to express what they’ve learned about themselves through words, costume, and casual performance.

Letting go of certain elements of control is essential.
We create space to be surprised by our guests, and to become their audience in turn. Creating a safe container for play allows the roots of imagination to take hold.

Play is a critical function in a healthy society that is often overlooked.
Humans are one of few organisms on Planet Earth that can imagine better realities that don’t yet exist.
Play gives us the opportunity to practice creating these realities in safe environments, giving us new insights that can impact the world.